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Perpetual bookings operate continuously throughout the year, except for Public Holidays and during our annual shutdown period over Christmas. No re-enrolment is necessary instead bookings continue each month until an enrolment is canceled via the Customer Portal.


NORTH SHORE SWIMMING is a COVID SAFE Business. Please remember to maintain 1.5m distances between you and other customers, and limit 1 parent or guardian per child during lessons

We are using the Service NSW App to maintain records of who has visited our premises.  We are asking you to please ensure that you download the latest version of the SERVICE NSW App to your phones, so checking in can be easy! Use the app to scan the QR Code, and you're done.  We have placed several codes throughout the centre, including outside the doors, near the seating area, as well as at the reception desk. 

If you'd like more information regarding the Service NSW App, and how it is used to help stop the spread of Covid-19 please follow this link to the Service NSW Website.  This page also includes links for you to download the app from Apple or Google Play Stores.

Families MUST NOT attend lessons if they have cold or flu-like symptoms or have visited a 'hot spot' in the past 14 days, as per Government Regulations. Make Up Tokens will be issued to families who cannot attend, or are asked to leave due to illness. Contact with us via Customer Portal by 8 am is required to be eligible for Tokens, as per our Make Up Policy. 


All forms, documents and waivers MUST be completed prior to first lesson. Families are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to their first lesson to ensure all enrolment details are correct. We reserve the right to cancel enrolments if all policy documents have not been verified. All fees are payable MONTHLY via Direct Debit ONLY. 


A swimmer is eligible for a Make Up Token when we are advised of an absence before 8.00am via our Customer Portal and, all fees are paid up-to-date. The swimmer using the token must be currently enrolled in our program, and the token can only be used for the same level as the swimmers' usual lesson.  Make Up Tokens are valid for 90 days and, any that are not used within this time are forfeited.  Tokens are NOT guaranteed placement, and can be used subject to availability within the program. Tokens are NOT redeemable for credit if unable to be used. You will not receive a replacement token if you cancel, or do not attend a Make Up Lesson. 


Please advise our team with as much notice as possible if you wish to cancel your enrolment. We do not refund fees paid if you cancel your lesson part way through the month. You also forfeit any accrued make up lessons, and these cannot be used in lieu of paid lessons if you wish to cancel. We  recommend letting us know before the 21st of the month in which you intend to cancel.  Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS LESSONS until the time you notify our team. 



Unpaid Fees: North Shore Swimming reserves the right to cancel lessons where fees are outstanding.
The following fees are payable by the customer: Bank accounts incur $0.88 per transaction fee; Credit/Debit Cards incur $0.33 per transaction plus an additional surcharge of 1.98% for Visa/Mastercard or 3.85% for American Express. These fees are deducted as part of the direct debit each month.

If a direct debit payment is rejected by the bank, a $5.50 failed transaction fee is payable. 

We strive to maintain consistency with instructors, although this is not always possible. North Shore Swimming reserves the right to change classes and instructors or move students if needed.