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Up to 3 years Old


Levelled classes so your baby is learning age appropriate skills.

Babies 1: 6 months – 15 months

Program aims to encourage gross motor development for pre-walkers using games, toys and songs to introduce paddling, kicking, floating and recoveries. 

Babies 2: 16 months – 2 years

Program aims to increase gross motor and fine motor abilities for walkers and runners! Using mats, balls, hoops and incorporating songs, games and parent interaction we encourage swimmers to use their paddles and kicks as well as their breath holding to move through the water.  

Babies 3: 2 years+

Program aims to allow your Super Star Swimmers to explore their newfound skills in a safe environment. Still using toys, games and parent interaction, we encourage increasing the focus on self-initiated swims and safety skills and letting your bubs learn the magic of water play.  As each child gains their self-confidence, our amazing staff will talk you through our Transition Process.   


All swimming programs operate on a monthly basis and paid by direct debit.

If you have any questions call or email us today

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