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A father helps is infant daughter during
Young mother teach her little son, how t



Up to 3 years Old


Water stimulates all of the six senses in your baby while they splash about.

Levelled classes so your baby is learning age appropriate skills.

Develops Skill Learning: Instil the importance of learning a new skill & practising it from a young age.

Build Strength: Swimming is a low impact sport that helps develop muscle strength in all ages.

Promotes Bonding: Create quality bonding time with your baby while learning a new skill.

Improve Co-ordination: Encourage co-ordination & motor skill development in your baby while in the water.

Make New Friends: Parent & bub classes are a great place to find new friends for both you & your little one.



All swimming programs operate on a monthly basis and paid by direct debit.



Tuesday & Thursdays - 9.00am to 11.30am

Saturday & Sundays - 7.45am to 11:45am

02 9484 8008 |

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